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A surprise

Our dear friend Melanie called..

“Guys, I’m coming over on Monday.. and I’m briging a mystery guest. Okay?”

Um, yes? That’s a no-brainer. Besides, this way we’d get to introduce our home group from church to the lovable Melanie.

I was sure the mystery guest was going to be her sweet baby nephew.

But it wasn’t.

It was Matty, and we were thrilled.

Casey met Matt in gymnastics when they were four or five years old {Sorry honey, if that wasn’t to be internet information. I think you, and your gymnastics skills, are awesome.}

I met Matt on my first day of school in Southern California, “Alicia, my name is Matt. Welcome to Sulphur Springs Elementary School.  You’re going to love it here.” We were eight years old. And yes, he was a very diplomatic eight.

He lives in Tennessee now with his lovely bride, so we don’t get to see him nearly as often as we’d like. But he’s the kind of friend with whom you can pick up right where you left off. That’s my favorite kind of friend.

So he came, and things were just as they always have been– good, real conversation, with a dash of music on the side.


1) I tend to kill plants. I love them, but I somehow accidentally kill them. This is especially ironic because I spent a few years working for a top-notch landscaping company. All that to say, Penelope and I started a (3 tomato plant) garden today. She was ecstatic and loved the whole process. I didn’t know how to warn her that she might be better off gardening on her own. Maybe all these years I’ve needed a trusty 3-year-old assistant? We’ll see how the tomatoes fare..

2) Gardening with a little kid is super super messy. A mid-day bath was required.

3) I love summer break. Casey has  much more time, and there are no looming deadlines. It is such a sweet, refreshing time for our family. Strange to think that our life won’t be broken up into semester-long chunks for much longer.

4) The barn is almost ready. There is a crazy last push happening as I type. I have lots of pictures to post.. that’ll be next.

5) I haven’t been very into blogging lately. I don’t know why. Just one of those normal ebbs and flows, I think. Thanks for bearing with me :).

Pinterest Shminterest

So I’m a girl with limitations. I try to be aware of them, when I can. I have a certain tendency toward discontent, and I know it could be fueled furiously by a thing so lovely as pinterest. I’ve got enough trouble with things like the blogosphere, or etsy… so I’ve made a definite stance on this one. It’s just not something I’m going to start.

But can I help it if a friend sends me a kind of cool link? Nope. That’s what friends are for, after all.. scouring pinterest for potentially useful/applicable links, and saving me all the trouble.


So I gave it a whirl..


1) I did it too tight.

2) That girl must have crazy long hair.

3) I don’t know how to hide the rubber band. Maybe if it was looser.

4) My bedroom mirror has lots of spots.

5) I had to crop the first picture to hide the fact that my bed wasn’t made, and that there was (actually, is) a pile of laundry on the floor. Just keeping it real.

Today felt like summer.


–Casey is being spoiled at Shepherd’s Conference this week.

–My parents moved and I can hardly believe it.

–Arthur is walking like a crazy drunken sailor.

–Penelope informed us this week that she likes church because of the boys.

–Casey is buying a gun.

–Just kidding. Kind of.

Guilty pleasure.

My sweet and handsome husband likes to eat cardboard for breakfast. Albeit, very  healthy cardboard.  If ever I discover a form of cardboard I find to be palatable, he declares it too sweet.

I guess we should’ve gone over breakfast cereal in our premarital counseling? We are clearly mismatched in this regard. My favorites usually boast cartoon characters, fun new shapes, or plastic prizes in each box.

Auntie Beth understands me.